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Captivate Your Tribe's Imagination & Build Your Community WITH Your Members.

Implement the systems that  will make your members feel part of something bigger.


Start Growing A Sense Of Belonging

Knowing how to spark the initial momentum to lead a community to success can be one of the most challenging skills to learn.

If you've ever tried to create a community, your journey might have looked like mine:

  • I had members in Discord but none felt part of something bigger.

  • I sent 10+ DMs daily to members and have yet to get an answer.

  • I tried to engage members but no one shared my Vision.


I learned the hard way that although communities feel magical, they don't come together by magic. Until I realized the reason why I hadn't captivated people's imagination with my community was coming down to one big misconception:

I had this false belief that I had to do everything myself.

But hey, let me tell you a secret:

Community building works differently.

The most thriving Web3 communities like Bored Apes Yacht Club (worth ~$4B), didn't become what they are by having one person telling one consistent story.

Instead, they gave their members the tools, ownership, and incentives to go tell the million little stories about BAYC that build up to one loud narrative.

And that's the secret no one's talking about:

Community building is about telling stories TOGETHER.

It's about focusing the effort on building a space where initiatives can flourish and about setting the stage for anyone to come up with words, images, phrases, and signs that'll enhance your community's narrative.

If you want to build a long-lasting internet-native community and become a leader in the Web3 age, you must reset your false beliefs.

From top-down storytelling to bottoms-up narrative building.

And by doing so, you'll stop competing with other communities. You'll  enter a new category, one where there's no competitor: YOURS.

There's only ONE you, and your Symbol System is your competitive advantage.

Build Long-term Value Alignment With Your Members.

I'm sure you've heard a lot about the astounding results of what happens when you unlock the community's true potential.

But has anyone ever taken the time to explain to you how you get there in the first place?

Rallying people to your cause is no easy matter and isn't just a numbers game. You could have hundreds of thousands of people cooped up in a discord server, yet no one is pushing the shared mission you want to cultivate.

The key to a successful community is driving people's behavior without being imposing or manipulative (trust me, they'll see it coming a mile away), and that starts by understanding what intrinsically motivates them.

Because it turns out that the things that actually motivate us are much more nuanced than the promise of quick cash or the joy of labor.


Harnessing a community is something very few Web3 projects have done effectively.

People are doing things because they bring purpose, the impression of being useful, and above all, bring a sense of belonging to a greater cause.

And the best way arouse a sense of belonging and build long-tern alignement with your members is to create a recognizable symbol system that members are in control of.


Hey, I'm Eliot

I'm a Web3 Copywriter, Marketer& Advisor.

In the past 2 years, I've racked up millions of views writing about the cultural aspect of Web3 across platforms, self-published and sold 1,000+ copies of my book, advised dozens of tokenized communities and got featured in major mainstream publication.


With This Course, You'll:

🤓 Unlock the Secrets of Success with Deep-Dive Lessons

🧐 Learn from the best with concrete Examples


📚 Create the Perfect Community with Templates & Web3 Tools

Get the tools you need to start building your community's assets.


📝 Master the Art of Community Building with a Case Study

Get a step-by-step look at what it takes to build a thriving community and take your skills to the next level with interactive exercises.

What builders are saying


As we move towards digitally native & culture driven communities, Eliot continues to prove how symbol systems create shared ownership and stronger long-term value alignment. A must have for anyone starting their community.




Eliot's symbol systems + 5 pillars ebook is a really powerful combo for community builders of all experience levels. Some of the best community building advice I’ve read since entering the space.



The fantastic course on Community Symbols by Eliot and Kairon pointed me to lot of nice resources!

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