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Become A Modern Community Builder In 5 Days

Everything you need to start your community, grow it, and create new opportunities online.

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In 40 Pages I'll Show You 
Exactly How To:


Find Your Why

Get Early traction


Get Engaged

Nail Your Branding 


Design Your

Community Spaces

Get All You Need To Start,
In ONE Place.

Get the "Why" and "How" of Community Building with concrete examples, mistakes to avoid, best practices & actionable frameworks.

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What Builders Are Saying

Eliot's new ebook is a must-read for community builders in web3 and beyond. From defining your personal story, to creating a community identity and getting the word out, Eliot will empower you to build the next great web3 community.


This book is the perfect slice of life to show what being part of a *working* web3 community looks like, and the lessons Eliot shares along the way will set the course for any community builder’s journey toward greatness. It encapsulates the best learnings one could have.


Eliot speaks from personal experience and provides relatable examples, making the chapters easy to understand and follow. This is definitely a must-read for anyone looking to level up their community building skills and stay ahead of the game.

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