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Hey 👋 I'm Eliot Couvat

In March 2020, my re-entry permit for the US was set to expire in a couple of weeks.

At 22 years old, I was faced with a decision that would change the course of my life:

  1. Staying in France but losing my Green Card and forget about my dream.

  2. Leaving for the Silicon Valley but quitting my job & breaking up with my girlfriend.


A difficult choice, where I had to give up something big.

After weeks that felt like years, I broke up and quit my job.

I instantly booked my flight and landed a couple of days later in San Francisco:

→ With no job

→ No savings

→ No friends

→ And heartbroken

But it was only the beginning of the struggles.

Arriving in the heart of Silicon Valley, I quickly I realized I couldn’t compete with candidates from Ivy leagues schools and better experience to get a job. To get a chance to accomplish my dreams, I needed two things: Visibility & Network. So I started writing online everyday and joined dozens of internet communities.

My thoughts and ideas would be my chance to stand out. I spent hours crafting stories everyday and interacting with other online. And after 3 months, I found a job at a Crypto startup as their Head of Content & Community.

But even after I found the job, I continued writing online. I was hooked.

The opportunity this brought outcasted by wildest dreams. Over the past 2 years, and at only 24yo, I've racked up millions of content views, self-published and sold 1,000+ copies of my first book, and got featured in many mainstream publications like Business Insider.


Today, I help marketers and Web3 curious understand the cutting edge use-cases of crypto without all the technical jargon.

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